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Exogenous Ketones – Enter Keto (faster), stay there (easier) – with added body-loving nutrients

You’re aiming to enter Keto, fast. And you’re going to have to sustain it, if you’re to tap into all the benefits that Keto offers. It doesn’t matter if you are from London, Birmingham, Manchester or Bristol, Pure Keto have exogenous ketones products that will help you reach your weight loss goals.

Think of Pure Keto supplements as a helping hand.

They’re going to help you get into ketosis faster, and support you in sustaining Keto.

Wondering how fast, exactly? Let’s put a few numbers to it…

In one piece of research, Exogenous ketones/BHB salts were shown to boost BHB levels within two hours (which compares to the 12 or more hours taken naturally by the body).

As well as speeding up your body’s rate of ketosis, Exogenous Ketones/BHB salts are also demonstrated to:

Reduce the risk and severity of ‘keto flu’ symptoms

Assist cognitive function (ketones can provide your brain with 70% of its energy needs)

Reduce oxidative stress

Support normal heart function

Boost workout performance

May help you lose more weight than dieting alone

Made for both men and women, Pureketo ‘SUPER’ is packed with goodness to get the very best out of the keto process – we’re talking added super-nutrients and super-greens.

Chlorella – Fighting fit and fighting fatigue, chlorella is a green algae superfood. It can kick off your keto and help you leap frog fatigue (which is thanks to the Chlorella Growth Factor, which contains RNA and DNA – for increased energy transportation between cells).

Spirulina – Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties and electrolyte support all come in the form of this ancient blue-green microalgae. And when we say ancient, we mean ‘one of the oldest forms of life on earth’. It’s had literally millions of years to perfect its nutritional benefits, and boy, does spirulina do benefits…


Take this along side our MCT Oil Powder for great results.

Thanks for looking and remember that quality counts and our exogenous ketones are the best you can buy.

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