About Us

Ethics, honesty, trust.

“In our line of business, they’re important”

As a family-run business, these values are held especially close to our hearts. But let’s go beyond the words for a moment (let’s be honest, any company can lay claim to being ethical).

Our supplements do what they say, and contain what we list.

We don’t just provide the peer-reviewed scientific proof that our products work, we ensure that all our products are fully traceable – all the way back to where the spirulina was nurtured from culture to colony. You’ll find no bluff, bluster and wild claims here, just science-backed products.

No ‘proprietary formulas’, ever.

But that’s a bad thing, right?! Wrong. About as wrong as it could be, actually. You see, when companies say ‘proprietary formula’, they believe that their unique blend can be legally shrouded in mystery (ergo, they aren’t obliged to list all of the ingredients). And all too often, it’s used only to cover up what’s in their products.

We want to be clear here – this is totally unethical, and just for the record – our own formulas are completely unique (not generic copies of others).

Made in the UK. Packaged in the UK.

Our products also arrive by Freepost to UK and US addresses in discreet packaging, and they are always backed up with second-to-none customer service 

“Over the course of a decade, I’ve owned and run a long line-up of supplement manufacturing businesses.

Having been in the industry this long, I’ve become ever more determined to buck the trends of questionable practices – such as the use of cheap ingredients (or hiding ingredients); and opting for ‘proprietary formulas’, rather than being up-front.

All in all, this business should be based on trust. And anything less than being helpful, honest and transparent simply isn’t good enough”.  


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