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Pureketo ‘ELECTRO’ BHB Salts

Faster, more sustainable ketosis and boosted electrolytes

You want to enter keto, fast. And sustain keto, easily, even when you may have had carbs.

To do so, you’re going to have to switch from burning glucose for body fuel, to BHB – the purest form of energy (and ketones) there is.

Which is right about where Pureketo supplements come in.

How fast, you ask? Let’s put some figures to it.

BHB salts are shown to bolster your BHB levels within two hours (compared to the 12 or more hours taken by your body naturally). And not only will you accelerate your body’s rate of ketosis, BHB salts are also shown to:

Drive down the risk and severity of ‘keto flu’ symptoms

Power cognitive function (ketones are capable of powering your brain with 70% of its energy needs)

Fight oxidative stress

Optimize heart function

Can potentially boost workout performance

Taken post-workout, Pureketo ‘ELECTRO’ was made for those who want to achieve fast, efficient key electrolyte replacement, while also handing you all the benefits of an exogenous ketone base – for entering keto more quickly, and sustaining your ketone levels for the long haul.

Ideal for gym fans, body builders, sports people, and those that lead an active life. But even if you don’t fit into any of those categories it will work for you!

Potassium – As you flush sodium out of your body, potassium goes along with it. Which is why potassium-deficiency is among the top three most common issues on a keto diet. As for the result? That would be fatigue and sluggishness. 100mg of potassium, taken in two capsules, will effectively replenish your potassium level.

Chloride – Your body needs chloride (it’s an essential mineral). And sodium, potassium and chloride rely on each other to be kept balanced and in check. Mostly occurring in body fluids, chloride makes up 70% of your total ion content. But as keto flushes out fluids, it also flushes out chloride.

A chloride supplement keeps the body’s essential minerals working together as they should, and also maintains function of:

Absorption and transportation of nutrients

The right balance of fluid

Nerve signals

Contract and relax muscles


Pure Keto

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