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Ketone Salts for Quicker, sustainable keto (with brain-power assistance)

Want a helping hand to reach and sustain keto more quickly and easily?

It’s time we introduced Pure Keto supplements.

Ketone Salts are going to help you get into Keto faster.

Wondering how fast, exactly? Let’s put some figures to it.

In one study, Ketone salts were shown to boost BHB levels within two hours (compared to the 12 or more hours taken by your body naturally). And not only will you speed up your body’s rate of ketosis, BHB salts are also demonstrated to:

Reduce the risk and severity of ‘keto flu’ symptoms

Support cognitive function (ketones are capable of powering your brain with 70% of its energy needs)

Decrease oxidative stress

Assist heart function

Can potentially boost workout performance

Made for men and women alike, Pure Keto ‘SMART’ is designed to assist brain function and snappy thinking for those living high-stress lives (no brain fog, just clarity and clear thinking).

Lions Mane Extract – This mushroom takes its namesake from its mane-like form (and it’s somewhat of a delicacy in Asian nations). Used in Chinese and Japanese medicine for thousands of years.

Have you see our guide to ketosis?

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