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Pure Keto has a range of products which contain either exogenous ketones, in the form of BHB Salts, or MCT oil powder. No fillers, No rubbish, just keto friendly ingredients.

Capsules, rather than large scoops of disgusting tasting powders, means efficient supplementation is possible. Easy to carry, easy to take. No need for sweeteners or ‘proprietary formula’s/blends’ in huge tubs.

The products are designed to support people, like you, who are following a ketogenic diet. People who wish to remain in ketosis, even when they’ve had some sneaky carbohydrates! Ketosis can be reached faster, and for longer when taking exogenous ketones.

Our Ketogenic Supplements provide clean, fast and ‘keto-friendly’ fuel for your mind and body. They can support the shift from carbohydrate dependency based energy while on a ketogenic diet, and lessen the symptoms of the dreaded ‘keto flu’.

Each of our supplements are unique and trademarked in the UK. Additional ingredients are blended with the exogenous ketone base to support different people that have different needs. Take a look now.

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Pure Keto Performance Pouch

Exogenous Ketones, BCAA and Taurine

Pure Keto Super Pouch
Pure Keto 'SUPER'


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